Monday, April 14, 2014

Remnants of a deeper purity available on Vinyl

Tomorrow, across the land, it is Record Store Day. Where the brave remaining Record Stores entice you into their shops with exciting vinyl releases you can find nowhere else. Well, unfortunately, a lot of those Record Stores aren't as cool as they want you to think they are, and they really want you to buy the new U2 or KISS or Beatles, or whatever major label releases they are stocked up on. Yeah, ok! But what about Black Tape For A Blue Girl? Well, only 26 copies of the beautiful Remnants of a deeper purity 2-LP release was ordered by Record Stores. Because, ya know, they're just toooooooo cool for this kind of music. So, you get to be uber exclusive and underground and go directly to the source. If you'd like to get your copy of this deluxe exclusive vinyl release, order it from my Projekt webstore. Copies are shipping this week. Thanks for your support. Sam
Sam & Mera, back in the day. By e. katie holm

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