Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Crowdfunding final hours. Thanks for your interest in my work

There's 7+ hours to go in the crowdfunding campaign for Black Tape For A Blue Girl's To touch the milky way. 238 amazing people have said, "Yeah, I like the music Sam creates. I wanna be part of the team that makes this new album happen!" That's remarkable! I'm very grateful.

I posted an update yesterday — "Connection + Gender" — replying to messages from two backers. David spoke about my music being part of his life during High School in the 90s. He wrote, "Black Tape’s music was different, but fit right in and helped during those moments of loneliness I felt regularly."

I'm so glad that the music was there for you, David.

Sometimes, when I'm down, I grumble about life, the universe and everything. Just today, Mercy reminded me, "You create music that people around the world connect to! You're doing something, you're making a positive difference. That's not something a lot of people can say."

Reading your messages — and seeing that my music was there for you when you needed it, that it's made a positive difference — that's really special to me. And now we create a cycle: you come back and pledge some of your scarce resources to help me make more of the music. Wow! Gotta say it can be a great world, when people work towards enriching and positive ends.

The To touch the milky way Kickstarter has 7+ hours left to go. 3 more pledges for the CD DELUXE or LP DELUXE package, and we've made it! We can do it. You can do it! Thanks to everyone so much for caring. Sam

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Black Tape For A Blue Girl: To touch the milky way

Hello! There's a new Black Tape For A Blue Girl album in the works, and you can be one of the people that make it exist! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/samrosenthal/black-tape-for-a-blue-girl-to-touch-the-milky-way?ref=15x510 There's a wealth of information about the album, the concept, the artwork, and updates from the road where I've been out shooting the images for the packaging.

To touch the milky way's seven tracks span styles ranging from ethereal darkwave to dream-pop to austere textural ambient passages accompanied by wonderful vocals from Danielle and Michael. The lyrical themes and stories emerge from the depths of the psyche, unflinchingly addressing a desire to feel truly alive by facing self-created boundaries. They are first-person narratives at the edge where something has to give, something has to change, as the characters strive to take hold of the life they have left unlived. 

If you have a little cash to spare, please consider pledging your support, as every pledge helps. There's a week to go and we're 69% of the way to the goal. Support at Kickstarter.


Thursday, December 28, 2017

50% Discount on bandcamp

I have to be honest. I was sitting here for five minutes, trying to remember this blog. "Um, I know I used to blog somewhere, in an earlier version of the Black Tape For A Blue Girl website, now what was that site called?" Ah yes, Blogger! That's it. Well, this is definitely not how I keep in touch with those of you interested in my art, these days. If you'd like to be on my real email list, and get 50% off the Black Tape For A Blue Girl page on Bandcamp, send me an email at sr.projekt@gmail.com -- and I'll get that right over to you. I hope you have a great 2018! Sam

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

12 hours to go @ Kickstarter / Across a thousand blades (demos) Download

The Kickstarter for the "Bike Shop" vinyl ep ends tonight

A backer from Brazil upgraded to $250 Yellow Jersey. Just $109 from reaching the goal, with 9 hours to go. Pledge at http://kck.st/1Fkr0T1 Kickstarter. And when we hit the goal, there will still be some great premiums left. Test Pressings, signed lyrics, and two more Yellow Jersey Executive Producers.

Across a thousand blades (demos​+​live)

FROM THE VAULTS --- "Across a thousand blades" is the best known track from Black Tape For A Blue Girl's first decade. It was released on 1989's Ashes in the brittle air CD, the band's third release. I've unearthed six never before heard demos and live tracks. Free Bandcamp download give them a listen.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Interviewed: Michael Plaster & Sam Rosenthal


Michael Plaster and I discuss the Black Tape For A Blue Girl "Bike Shop" Kickstarter and cats (of course!)

(listen to the music while you read the interview:)

Sam: How does it feel, singing on new songs after being out of the public eye for a while?

Michael: Actually it was a really good experience. I have had the songs for my own upcoming album churning around in my head for over a decade, so to be able to work on someone else’s songs was pretty neat.

Michael: So tell me about the subject of the songs on the “Bike Shop” EP. Are they all based around one person?

Sam: No, actually they are about the last three relationships, merged into one person for the sake of the story. Reflecting on the feelings after a break up, going back to old memories, remembering little sweet things that happened, and then feeling sad that they’re not going to happen anymore. The funny thing is that I don’t even own a bike, but I was seeing somebody who repairs at a bike shop, and I liked having a physical location in the song, a place I’d want to go back to as an excuse to talk with her again. When I was writing “Vega,” I wanted to come up with a name for this romantic partner, and it needed to start with “V” to make the little joke in the lyrics work. I was running through all sorts of names that started with ‘V’ – and I came upon Vega and I thought...

Read the full interview at the Projekt website

Monday, October 5, 2015

Blacktape's new vinyl release (needs your support)


Support the "Bike Shop" limited edition 12” vinyl EP (featuring Michael Plaster of SoulWhirlingSomewhere). Free download for all!

Watch the video and learn more about the EP at Kickstarter
Download the mixes of the tracks at Bandcamp

The first week of the Kickstarter got us over 50% of the way to the goal. Fantastic! Thank you so much, everyone. You're backing a 12" release on yellow and black vinyl, with four new songs. I need your help to make it happen. Your support goes to the cost of mastering, pressing, and paying Michael for his amazing vocal involvement!

I have to say that this is something about the new record business that I really enjoy: I can write & record songs in September. And make them available for you to hear in September! In the old days, there was such a long delay between the creative spark and when the CD finally came out. Now I can put the songs up on Bandcamp for you to hear immediately, while they still feel amazingly fresh to me... and then in early 2016 you can get the vinyl. That's very cool, if you ask me!

I'm also excited about recording with a first generation Projekt artist, Michael Plaster. We've been friends for 20 years, we've worked together on all his Projekt releases. It's been forever since he's had new music for all of you. Please Sennd Help came out in 2001, it was PRO121. This EP comes out 200 releases later, PRO321!

Ok, so let me tell you a little bit about the recording.

I’ve been working on the new Black Tape For A Blue Girl album (these fleeting moments) and I'm about two-thirds through writing it. Last Christmas I recorded guitar parts for a new song; about a month ago I wrote the lyrics and that became “bike shop/absolute zero." I was reflecting back on my last few relationships: thinking about the good parts but also kind of wondering how they fell apart, and how it took so long to recognize they were over.

I've always loved Michael Plaster's voice and emotional delivery. As I was writing "bike shop," I kept thinking, "Damn, this would be a great song for Michael to sing." It has a similar quality to his lyrics: looking back on a past relationship with some joy and a bunch of sadness. I waited until I recorded my guide vocals, and then presented it to him ready to go. "Here, this is happening! Would you like to be the singer?" Michael said, "Yes," which was very exciting to me!

I had the idea of doing it as a vinyl single and we talked about what might go on the B-side. Maybe a new version of an old Blacktape track? But knowing Michael was the vocalist inspired me to write three more songs really fast — like in a week! These songs sprung from little bittersweet memories.

For the most part, things didn't happen exactly the way it goes in these songs. Yes, there's a real bike shop and a real cabin. And I did get dumped on the phone (ouch!). But there's nobody named "Vega," and there's no real canoe, and I wasn't getting relationship advice from Dennis Hopper! : ) Yet the songs capture intimate and personal stories about relationships and love.

The three additional tracks give you the back story on "bike shop." Think of it as diving deeper and hearing more about a character you will meet in a song on the upcoming album.

While I was in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. I recorded drums for two of the tracks with Brian Viglione (of Violent Femmes and The Dresden Dolls). I love how quickly the "Bike Shop" vinyl EP has gone from idea to something you can listen to!

I'd like you to hear my new music, that's why I've put it up so you can download the ep for free at Bandcamp! I hope you'll like the tracks and go to the Kickstarter page to chip in three dollars. Or even more, 'cause there are some sweet premiums that you can pledge for.

Whatever you give, you're supporting art -- and that's super-cool of you!


Friday, June 19, 2015

MONOLITH in the mail

I've begun shipping MONOLITH to the Kickstarter backers. Thanks to those of you who pledged for the physical edition. If you haven't grabbed your free download, it's still available, now at $1:

The next Livestream will be Sunday the 28th at Noon, Pacific Time. Send me your questions, and I'll answer them on the stream. Message me or post as a reply.

There's a 9 minute video at youTube, an excerpt where I answer some questions from the previous Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKalWJJMxTs

I've started 4 new songs in the last couple weeks, and i've been thinking about what the lyrics should be.