Monday, October 22, 2012

Free Blacktape download ep & Tanzmusik Vinyl. At Bandcamp.

Black Tape For A Blue Girl: Archive 01
Free 4-song download EP @ Bandcamp

An idea popped into my head last weekend. I was playing a song in my iTunes and when it ended, the Blacktape track "Caught by a stranger" started. But it wasn't the album version. It was different. I opened iTunes and realized it was a demo Laurie sent me. Wow, I forgot this even existed! And it was very cool. I have lots of Black Tape For A Blue Girl out-takes, live recordings, and demos you've never heard. You really should hear them. Archive 01 is the first installment of this idea. Putting these up is not about making money, but about sharing the music with you. Get your free 4-song download EP at Bandcamp
, with tracks spanning Blacktape's career.

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Limited Vinyl edition, with signed cover.
Listen to tracks at Bandcamp and purchase the vinyl for $25 + shipping. Or purchase just the download for $9.

Back in 1985, after three cassette-only releases of my solo electronic music, I released TANZMUSIK. It was my first and only solo vinyl release (this was before THE ROPEcame out from Black Tape For A Blue Girl). As far as I can recall, I made 250 copies. I glued pieces of card stock to the front and the back of a blank LP jacket. In fact, I'm pretty sure I remember using spray mount (on my parents front porch) to affix them all.

Well, fast forward about 25 years, and I was contacted by Alessandro Adriani at Italy's Mannequin Records. He was telling me TANZMUSIK is a classic release in the Minimal Synth genre. And he wanted to reissue TANZMUSIK on vinyl.

Well wow, that sounded exciting!

I decided to remaster the album for this release. After getting the digitized tracks back from my mastering guy in Canada, I discovered it wasn't the 2-track mix, but the 4-track multi-track recording. Wow! I thought the multis were long gone, but here they were, in pristine digital form! I remixed the album in my studio, staying true to the original. Though, sonically, the new mixes sound even more incredible than back in 1984!

The vinyl edition on Mannequin is 500 units. 100 were recreated to look like the original, with the card affixed to an LP jacket. I just got an email from Alessandro that he only has 50 copies left from the entire edition!

We have a box in the mail to Projekt with my copies. 15 of which are the limited edition version. Order fast and you can get one of those, and I'm signing them.<

We are selling TANZMUSIK via Bandcamp. This gives you to an immediate digital download in whatever format you chose. The vinyl will be shipped from our office in Brooklyn as soon as they arrive, like always.

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