Thursday, November 22, 2012

The novel has arrived

    Over the course of the last year, I've put al my creative efforts into writing a novel. It's something that Blacktape fans will enjoy, if they like my writing, my insight, the mood of my work. But I'll be honest with you, the book is erotica. It's a love story. It's got a lot of sex and "bad words." But also a plot and really cool characters who are funny, and sensitive, and passionate.
    Matt, Rye and Rain are the sort of people you want to stay up late with, drinking, flirting and joking. And then, when the candle flickers out: the bedroom!
    Sex, snark, &  seduction.
    Passion, pain, & processing.
    It’s all there in Rye.

    It is pretty amazing to hold a physical book in my hand, after a year of Rye being an idea in my head and words on a screen. It is real. It is a book. I am a novelist. It is accomplished.

    A very happy day!

    The paperback novel is available at my Rye website for $9.99. Or for Kindle at Amazon for $4.99.

 A money-shot across the bow of outdated sensibilities, Rye takes a sexual somersault through the complexities of desire in a penetrating portrayal of twenty-first century intimacy.  

And look! The first review at Amazon, from Sex Educator Lauren Goodnight:
5.0 out of 5 stars Poetic, authentic genderqueer romance!  

One of the most raw and original pieces of literature to come out of the underground scene in years, Rye is an absolute must-read for anyone ready for a romance that's more than a little 'out of the ordinary'. At turns both erotic and tender, delightfully explicit and gritty-realistic, this is not a book to miss.

The book opens like a dream sequence set in the absolute NOW, but then it unfolds into a more linear narrative and every character, especially the narrator, becomes someone you want to meet and talk with and wish the best. Its not a -long- book, but its beauty and evocative language remind me of Francesca Lia Block at times: Mr. Rosenthal doesn't need to write an encyclopaedia to immerse you in his world.

In short? Recommended for everyone. Absolutely EVERYONE. This is a poet's ode to prose and lust, and I'm constantly surprised by the unflinching narrative.

I am reading from Rye in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles in early December. Hear me read (with all the naughty words included), then hang out, ask questions, have me sign your CDs, buy a book. Calendar of readings.

This is a download of my music, created by Rye for Matt. Everyone can have it, it’s free at Bandcamp

Get Rye for your Kindle for $4.99 at Amazon,
or pre-order the signed 268-page paperback for $9.99 at

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