Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Sailor Boy" (live video) | "Tell Me" on KROQ | Free NYC show 12/7

I uploaded a live video excerpt from our show at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA. Thanks to Jesse Nicole for the footage (you can see an album of her photos here). I took the "Sailor Boy" footage into my software and processed the contrast and added a nice colorization. You can watch the "Sailor Boy" video on Youtube.

Black Tape For A Blue Girl on Rodney on the Roq
Yes! Our track "Tell Me You've Taken Another" was played this week on Rodney's show in Los Angeles. If you listen to KROQ, could you call in and request more Black Tape For A Blue Girl. And especially if you listen to Rodney's show on Monday Night.

And don't forget our free NYC show:
Mon Dec 7th ~ The Delancey in New York, NY
168 Delancey st. 212-254-9920. This will be a FREE SHOW / release party. With The Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione sitting in with Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Special acoustic guest appearance by Android Lust. Narcissa - from "The Pleasure in the Pain" video - will be there. Celebrate the release of 10 Neurotics with fellow fans of Projekt and Black Tape For A Blue Girl. We'll be there to hang out and also play some songs off the new album. This is going to be lots of fun, and it's FREE! Doors at 8:00. DJ Ian Fford will be spinning, dancing, etc. Black Tape will be on at 9:30. Venue Website or

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  1. I just discovered your music. Very good, very special. Hard to describe.