Thursday, December 17, 2009

Report from NYC show, New German interviews, upcoming Dracula's Ball

Listen to the podcast of Athan & Sam interviewed on WNRN's Subculture Shock Radio Show.

There are so many new things to report since the last blog. Let me start with our show at The Delancey, on December 7th.

This was the "release party" for 10 Neurotics, a bit later than we expected to hold it.... but certainly worth the wait. Athan, Nicki and I were joined by Brian Viglione on guitar, his first live appearance with the band. We did a four song set wirth "Tell Me You've Taken Another," "Rotten Zurich Cafe," "Love of the Father" and "Sailor Boy." It was a free show on New York City's Lower East Side and the room was packed. My idea was to create a place to meet, hang out, talk and hear some music. My hopes were realized; it was great to see so many fans and friends in one place. Elysabeth Grant was there, charming as ever; too bad there wasn't more time to talk. I shot some video of the show - I am hoping to edit it with fan footage for youtube. You can see a snipped of video I shot of Andoid Lust's "Stained" on youTube. It was cool looking over and seeing Brian on guitar, deepening the sound. When it came to the intro of "Sailor Boy" I really had to get that piano bit right, Brian played it on the album and I would be let down if I muffed his part in front of him! : ) Brian sang the higher backing vocals on the chorus of "Tell Me You've Taken Another," which added a great extra element to that one...

We have two shows in January. The big one is Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia, PA, on Saturday, January 16, 2010. Facebook event page. The night before, we perform at the Istanbul Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA, We have never played a DracBall, that should be extra exciting.

I did a lot of European interviews for the 10 Neurotics album, which have been slowly coming out. The most recent two are from Germany and I have posted the text here on the Blacktape site for English speakers.

Black Magazine
Read the full full September 29 interview.

Gothic Lifestyle #3
Read the October 4 interview in English.

Gothic Lifestyle #3 comes with a CD which includes
our track "Sailor Boy." It is in German and you can
purchase it here.

  • Black Tape For A Blue Girl & Katzenjammer in Liar Society Top-15
  • He’s taken to it like a duck to water sports.... I love a review that makes ya laugh! : ) Read it and post your comments.
  • A Dutch review of 10 Neurotics is on the front page here.
  • I have an email interview with England's Mick Mercer to work on this weekend. What is the best way to deal with it? Every question seems to be: "Your new songs suck, and your lyrics REALLY suck. Explain." : ) I will come up with something entertaining.
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