Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gothic Beauty, German 10 Neurotics, Sticker, Back from New England

We are back from our New England shows in Cambridge MA, Portland ME, & West Warwick RI. It was a wonderful time and we have some great new friends and memorable moments. Going on the road with a new band is a chance to perform new material, and also a chance to see if you get along or if you want to throw somebody off the island. Fortunately, Athan, Nicki & I are a pretty good match. We had fun, ate some good food, and didn't want to kill each other. Win! At the same time, Gothic Beauty Magazine #29 is out with a two page interview. The German edition of 10 Neurotics (on Trisol) is in stock at Projekt. We also have a new sticker for you!

You can read the full Gothic Beauty interview, here.
Q: After 20 years of not having a drummer in Black Tape for a Blue Girl, you said this album "demanded a rock-n-roll drummer." What do you feel necessitated that decision?

Sam: The songs have an urgency and power that is best realized with a drummer kicking it along. On the last few albums Michael Laird played percussion; but 10 Neurotics is conceptualized within a more traditional rock sound. I asked Brian Viglione to be involved. I knew he would understand my ideas of "this part needs to be subtle and washy, and this part needs to be powerful and driving." On a song like, "Sailor Boy," he gets to do both within one song! Working with Brian was fantastic, because I might have a vague idea of what I was looking for, and he would come in to the studio with a fantastic arrangement that often worked perfectly right away. On a few songs we tried something, but then listening to it for a few weeks we would decide a different approach was needed. The way the drums smash in on "Love of the Father" was the 2nd idea, and it propells the song in such an emotional way. Brian's like a brother in sound, for me. He gets where I am coming from and he has great ideas to add to my songs. His involvement is definitely more integral to the sound, than has been the case with past musicians in my band.

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