Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Pleasure in the Pain Video

When I went to college for TV/film, I used to make video art pieces to go along with my music. It was 20 years ago when I directed my last video. Over the years, I often thought about making them for Black Tape For A Blue Girl; but I always had other things distracting me from it. No More! "The Pleasure in the Pain" is the first video for 10 Neurotics, and I plan to make more in the coming months. Let me tell you, I am so thrilled with the way this turned out.

"The Pleasure in the Pain" stars vocalist Athan Maroulis, model Narcissa and myself. As a director, I went for a somewhat dreamy but literal interpretation of the lyrics in the song. "I realize I’m absolutely yours, immobilized, you touch my neck as you draw your arm back. I’m waiting that way, excited like a schoolboy, humiliated by my convictions." Athan's character drifts through memories of the D/s relationship, wherein the two lovers were doing the things that got them off. And the conflict? Where is she? Will she come back? What is she doing now? You find out in the 2nd half of the piece.

Believe it or not, we did this shoot with no crew at all! Narcissa did her make-up, brought the props and had ideas on the interaction. Athan provided suggestions for staging and to do a lot of it lip synch. I conceived the story, did the camera work and the editing. Oh, and the lighting, built the chair, dressed the set, ran the playback and generally over-thought everything. But we wanted to make our first video in 20 years a jaw-dropping stunner. I hope you will agree that we succeeded!

Brian says it should win the "Creepiest video on MTV" award. ; )

If you are in NYC, visit Narcissa's photo exhibit at Madame X, 94 West Houston Street. The reception is Thursday Sept 17. Free. 21+.

"The Pleasure in the Pain" from 10 Neurotics Projekt Records (US) & Trisol Records (EU).

The Video | Actors: Athan Maroulis, Narcissa & Sam Rosenthal. Conceived, directed & edited by Sam. Additional inspiration, staging and suggestions by Narcissa and Athan. Thanks to Edin Velez for storyline suggestions. © 2009 Sam Rosenthal.

The Song | Words & Music : Sam / Melody : Athan & Sam / Sam : guitar, bass & moog / Brian : drums / Athan : vocals

The Gear | Filmed with a Canon 5D Mark ii using a EF 85mm f/1.8 USM lense. Edited with Sony Vegas PRO 9.0 on a 2.93 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac, running Boot Camp. Uploaded as a 1280 x 720 .wmv - 4.8 Mbps HD.

Please post your comments on the youtube page. Sam

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