Thursday, September 3, 2009

Free "Sailor Boy" MP3 at

We put a lot of love and passion into the creation of 10 Neurotics, and I am pleased the CD is making its way to the fans. You are giving me great feeback. It is always a risk to try something new, so reading your enthusiasm is really encouraging.

Trisol Records is releasing the album in Europe. Alex asked me to create a "more provocative" cover for Europe, it is the image in the middle on the left. You can see all the artwork with links to the photographers and the models:

I have been busy doing interviews for Euopean magazines. So far I have "talked" with Orkus, Zillo, Sonic Seducer, Ascension and Elegy. When the issues are out, I will post the original English version on the website, here. It has been interesting to talk about the album. I think the thing that comes across to me is that even though the lyrics are about all of these erotic/extreme experiences, the theme boils down to: follow your desire.

To kick things off, we are giving away a free MP3 of "Sailor Boy" in conjunction with our friends at Amazon. You can grab the track here.

Back From Our Show in Boston
We had a blast! I was joined on stage by new band members Athan Maroulis and Nicki Jaine (in the photo, above a few more at this flckr page). Our set was the premiere of new songs from 10 Neurotics, "Militärhymne," "Tell Me You've Taken Another," "Love of the Father," "Rotten Zurich Cafe," and "Sailor Boy." It was exciting to play the guitar. Performing "Love of the Father" with no backing tracks was a great new experience, and it came off wonderfully. I am talking with a promoter in Boston about a return engagement (with the full set) in a few months. More news soon.

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