Monday, August 31, 2009

Autographed copy of 10 Neurotics available from Newbury Comics

C L I C K :

The best Art is always dangerous. "Black Tape for a Blue Girl albums tend to be heavily themed, and this one is no exception. The theme? Sex. Passion. Desire. And some of the dark and weird and wonderful places they can take you." Nice fan blog/review:


  1. Hi, my name is Hugo Torres and i'm from Mexico, i've been following brian viglione's work since the dresden dolls and i met him in 2005 at a dresden dolls concert in mexico. i would totally preorder this new album but obiusly i want it signed by brian and you, but i want a personal message from brian, is there a way to do that? please let me know! write me at
    i've heard the myspace tracks and are amazing!

  2. BTW (i almost forgot) are you comming to mexico with brian? i've seen an unconfirmed date on your myspace, please let me know about it!