Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three songs from 10 Neurotics in the mySpace player

I just uploaded three songs to our player at mySpace: "Sailor Boy," "Inch Worm," and "Rotten Zurich Cafe." You get to hear all three of the vocalists on 10 Neurotics, Athan, Laurie & Nicki.

Tuesday, August 25 is the digital release for 10 Neurotics. It is available at, itunes, eMusic and elsewhere. Ringtones are available from, the explicit songs can only be seen by registered users who have taken off the explicit content filter.

The European digital release will be a bit later. Germany's Trisol Records is releasing 10 Neurotics for Europe and I hear their digital company has been a bit swamped. It will be up soon. The Trisol edition will have a different cover from the American edition; see both and the inside pages and links to the models and photographers, here.

I have been startlingly busy the last two weeks. Rehearsing for the Boston show, figuring out the offer for the Mexico City show, doing interviews for Ascension, Zillo and Gothic Beauty. On Friday, I shot the final scene for "The Pleasure in the Pain" video, and I am editing this weekend. Nicki is finishing up her West Coast shows with Jill Tracy. Behind the scenes, I have been setting up promotions with our distributor (see the Newbury comics signed booklet promotion), planning more interviews, sending out cds to Clubs and DJs and taking care of the hundreds of other things that are involved in releasing an album. It's all worth it! I have received some really wonderful responses from fans who have heard the music. You make all the effort worthwhile. Thanks so much for your love!

Brian told me a fan came up to him at the World/Inferno show in Bristol, England, with a copy of 10 Neurotics to get his autograph. Wow! That's dedication. ; )

Live in Boston, August 27 at The Regent Theater
7 Medford Street, Arlington, Massachusetts 02474
Cost: $12.00 adv./$15.00 door
A night of Grand Guignol excess. The evening begins with an opening set of dark cello ambience by Wisteriax. Next up will be a 4-song set from Black Tape for a Blue Girl; Athan, Nicki and Sam premiere new songs from 10 Neurotics. Following on will be the carnival delights that are Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys. Dreamchild will play the final set of the evening, celebrating the release of Sleeping Flowers Severed, Scream of Slaughter.

Halloween - Blacktape in Mexico City
This show is not confirmed, yet, But it is looking pretty positive.
Hopefully more details when we are back from Boston

We're looking at locations for a New York Release party around the September 22 street date. More on that, soon.


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  1. Hi Sam,
    I'm so excited about the chance of having Black tape here on Mexico and on Halloween!!!
    I'm a black tape fan since 1998 and never thought that you'll be coming here, I really really hope to see you soon. Please come here, remember "everything is better south the border!"
    Congratulations about 10Neurotics, as always is a master piece.

    Seth Arimainyu
    P.S. just look this stats: now i live with my girlfriend, so you may find some stains HAHAHA!