Monday, March 19, 2012

Please support out "Marmalade Cat" Kickstarter

Have you heard about Kickstarter? It's a website where you can help support art projects with your donations. I launched a Kickstarter to shoot a video for Black Tape For A Blue Girl's "Marmalade Cat (Milly Mix)." My goal is $2000, we're a bit over half way there. The project doesn't fund unless we hit our goal, so please contribute. Your pledges help me shoot an erotic, cute & slinky video for the "Milly Mix" of Marmalade Cat. The video will be quite yiffy, featuring Narcissa; it's a woman's sensual kitty alter-ego. I will conceive, direct & edit it! (Check out the previous video I created with Narcissa at youTube.) Your pledges are going to make this video possible! Your contribution of $25 of more gets you a pre-order on the upcoming Black Tape For A Blue Girl remix/reprocessing album, Tenderotics.

The "Milly Mix" is by Steve Jones (of the band Area & The Arms of Someone New); vocals are by the wonderful Laurie Reade. Steve describes the song: "It's trip-hop meets fur and lust... strip-hop... comparisons with Groove Armada and Ben Watt, but darker and more sensual ... I imagine purring, touching, comfort, adrenaline, whispers and intimacy, an ebb and flow of sensations."

Please spread the word on your blog or Facebook. Link:

"Marmalade Cat (Milly Mix)" will be on Tenderotics, scheduled for June. When you pledge, you can choose from a selection of prizes: signed photos, signed storyboards, a prop from the video - most pledge levels include the Tenderotics CD.

$25 Pledge: THE HOUSE CAT: (1) two 5 x 7 prints signed by Sam & Narcissa (2) The Tenderotics CD (it will arrive at least 4 weeks before it's available in stores).

$35 Pledge: THE MARMALADE CAT: (1) three 5 x 7 prints signed by Sam & Narcissa (2) The Tenderotics CD in (3) a limited edition hand-sewn marmalade-colored furry slipcase. (CD signed by Sam will arrive at least 4 weeks before it is available in stores) *This is not REAL fur; it is man-made. (watch a 30 second video about that at youTube, with my real-live cat in it!)

Narcissa and I have a silly and fun pledge video at the top of the Kickstarter page. Watch it if you have a few minutes. It's safe for work & PG-13.

I'm really enjoying Kickstarter. It allows me to connect with you while I'm in the process of creating this new piece. I like sharing the work I'm excited about. Even a $1 donation gets you on the update list: you get news, and videos, and photos along the way!

Please check out the Kickstarter, spread the word, and of course, donate if you can.

Thanks - Sam (and Narcissa)

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