Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Halo Star (2010)" / Starting on "Tell Me You've Taken Another" video

We received copies of Gothic Lifestyle #3, and wow! What a beautiful layout they put together, using the cover photo of the German Edition of 10 Neurotics. In The Mick #52 I talked about the cover: "The image we decided on has Narcissa in a submissive position, by the radiator in my living room. The person holding the CD is the voyeur, looking down on her." You can read the English version of the Gothic Lifestyle #3 interview here

Projekt's new Under the weight of light compilation is now available at for $2.98. It includes two Black Tape For A Blue Girl songs, "Sailor Boy" plus the exclusive track, "Halo Star (2010)." Athan, Nicki & I have been performing this interpretation of our 2004 song in our live set; we went into the studio to get it "on tape" for all of you (Listen to MP3 clip). I set the dark mood with my harmonium (no synths on this one), Athan's melody is a variation on the original, and we constructed a dark ritualistic chorus that wasn't on the song back in '04. In retail stores February 2.

Last week, Athan, Brian & I shot the first scene for the "Tell Me You've Taken Another" video. This is the "band in rehearsal" scene. Frame grabs:
View larger here.

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