Thursday, December 31, 2009

Heavenly Vices -- The Mick#52 with 15 page interview!

Hi All! A new 15 Page interview has been posted at Look below the three covers of the issues, select Take The Mick #52, right click, save as, etc. This interview was completed in the last couple of days, and is really the most in depth one I have done in years. Mick had a sort of in-your-face confrontational approach. Not afraid to speak his mind. I like that.

Q: I think this song puts the rest in the shade, and turns your concept on its head. When you strip everything away people are just fucking idiots, it isn’t that difficult. How do you feel?

A: Well, I am a "people" so I guess I feel like an idiot? (laughs). The thing is that the album is presenting a mixture of fetishistic interests and neurotic behavior. Sometimes both, sometimes more towards one end or the other. For me, the songs that bring the child into it ("Rotten Zurich," "I Strike" and "Father") provide the back story. "How did this happen?" Now, I am not judging the characters. They are like you or me, real people with all of our flaws. Personally, I don't think everyone is an idiot. Mom & Dad & Society gave each of us our own traumatic experiences; then we are thrown out in the world to try and cope with it.

I feel that some people turn to fetishes as a way to work through what they are dealt. They find an honest experience in it, as opposed to so much of life which is facade and show. I know some people who use aspects of the scene as a way to calm the neurosis, to keep it under control. And that is good, if people find a tool that is helpful for them. Many people have a dark and hard life.

Q: My family left me thinking I didn't want to have a family of my own, but beyond an emphatic decision I have never found it necessary to work anything out.

A: And my family left me just the opposite, really. I wanted to have my own family, so that I could do things "the right way." So that I could be a loving father and have a positive and meaningful relationship with my child. But Mick, seriously, we ALL have things that need to be worked out. Nobody achieves awareness without work at it.

Q: Is the album confessional in some ways? A lot of you in there from the sub-conscious up?

A: Well, it's not sub-conscious, because I brought it to the surface to talk about it. Confessional? In so far as some of these are my story, yes, of course.

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