Tuesday, October 27, 2015

12 hours to go @ Kickstarter / Across a thousand blades (demos) Download

The Kickstarter for the "Bike Shop" vinyl ep ends tonight

A backer from Brazil upgraded to $250 Yellow Jersey. Just $109 from reaching the goal, with 9 hours to go. Pledge at http://kck.st/1Fkr0T1 Kickstarter. And when we hit the goal, there will still be some great premiums left. Test Pressings, signed lyrics, and two more Yellow Jersey Executive Producers.

Across a thousand blades (demos​+​live)

FROM THE VAULTS --- "Across a thousand blades" is the best known track from Black Tape For A Blue Girl's first decade. It was released on 1989's Ashes in the brittle air CD, the band's third release. I've unearthed six never before heard demos and live tracks. Free Bandcamp download give them a listen.

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