Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Next show: Projektfest'10 July 30

Hello everyone..... We had a marvelous time performing at the SteamPunk World's Fair a few months ago. All those people and all those outfits!

Sam, Athan, Nicki & Brian, May 15 2010. Photo by Althea Ann | Facebook photo album

The next show for Black Tape For A Blue Girl is the Projektfest in Philadelphia on Friday July 30. It will be the 4-piece line-up, including Brian Viglione. The show is at the Trocadero, and a lot of people have been sharing the info on their FB page, which I appreciate. I know people are driving from all around the Eastern Coast to see us. Yeah! This is going to be a great evening of entertainment. We've been lining up side show performers to give the evening a cool carnival-like feeling. Website or Facebook Event Page.

Tickets are just $10, and the show is All Ages. Also on the bill: Voltaire, Unto Ashes, The Twilight Garden & Nicki Jaine.

Please purchase your Projketfest ticket and join us in Philadelphia.

Aside from getting ready for the fest, I've been busy with the re-work of "Memory, Uncaring Friend" from The Rope which will be on next year's The Rope 25 -- the 25th anniversary 2-CD reissue. I recorded the drums at BC Studio with Brian Viglione. A few days later we laid in guitar and worked on the mix. And just yesterday, Athan put down some great vocals! I have to get back into the studio to do some editing, but it is blazing hot in there, so perhaps I will wait a few days. Still, it's sounding amazing!

- Sam

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