Monday, July 6, 2009

10 Neurotics album mock-up

10 Neurotics is at the pressing plant. After all these months of writing about the album, it is very exciting to know it is closer and closer to reality. These are photos I shot of the mock-up they sent me.
The mock-up is made by the pressing plant so I can proof their work and make sure they configured the package as I designed it: a 4-panel digi-pak with 28-page glued-in booklet. With matte varnish, and no barcode. Yes, I love the object!

Because of the nudity, I actually had a really difficult time finding a pressing plant in America who would take this job. We live in a land of prudes. If it was violence and people with their heads chopped off nobody would blink an eye at printing it. But a nude body! Aghast!!!! [ Ok. I get one plant's reasoning. They do work for Disney and Disney has a no nudity rule. They don't want one of my booklets accidentally inserted in a Little Mermaid CD] ; )

Retail release date is September 22. The digital version will be on sale August 25th. We will have them at before that. Update on availability soon. Sam

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  1. Well, think I'll have to sit and wait a while to have a look at this piece of perversity.

    Hope you'll not be throw in the jail for striking someone's mind and the right to be coward and moralist.

    And that little child is really gorgeus, sadly sadly the photos don't reveal much more of it's content :(

    See you soon ;), have a nice week