Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Marmalade Cat video

I uploaded a short video for "Marmalade Cat" to my youTube page. I must admit that this new song is more ethereal than the majority of the tracks on 10 Neurotics, but this is too cute to wait on! I let a bit of video roll, while I was shooting images for the 10 Neurotics booklet; I used this footage as a test -- more videos to come in the months ahead. 

"Marmalade Cat" is about a woman who finds comfort in her second skin of marmalade fur. I think we can all relate to a song about somebody who wishes they'd just be left alone so they can live their life as they choose. Amen, brother! ; -)

Words & Music : Sam | Inspiration & lyric suggestions : Margaret Middleton | Sam : guitar & electronics | Brian Viglione : bass | Laurie Reade : vocals Goddess Narcissa : model & stylist.
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