Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Studio update | recording with Brian Viglione

I was in the studio most of last week, working on the new album, 10 Neurotics. Two days were spent recording drum kit and percussion with new band member, Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls, WORLD/INFERNO). On Saturday we listening and mixed, on Sunday I got a handle on the track "Inch Worm" which has been attempting to get away from me for many many month. Brian and I made a lot of progress on these songs, giving them an aurally lush environment and shape that pushes them beyond the initial versions I started with. I am really excited about these songs! They feel alive, visceral, and immediate. They are more acoustic and traditional in structure then what I have written in the past; definitely less swirly and ambient, but with the same dark moods, chord changes and sonic sensitivity that you expect. Black tape for a blue girl, sounds like a "band" rather than a "soundscape."

As I have mentioned, I started playing acoustic guitar this year and I wrote most of the songs on it, add live percussion and it's amazing what happens. Brian's creativity, spontaneity & enthusiasm is a great addition to these tracks and the band. There's really no song on my previous albums, that is an apt comparison for the new ones; think "Knock Three Times" and "Remnants of a deeper purity," but with more complexity structurally, yet sometimes a bit more minimal sound. I've been listening to a lot of neo-folk and suicide pop and Marc Almond ! ;-)

We recorded at Martin Bisi's BC Studio here in Gowanus (picture above from the Bisi website). Wow! This is the place Sonic Youth recorded Evol (one of my favorite albums); The Dresden Dolls, Swans, John Zorn, White Zombie, Cop Shoot Cop, Foetus and many other indie artists created their albums at BC. Martin's loving dedication to the music was wonderful. It is great to work with such an experienced engineer in a studio with all that history; what we came away with greatly enhanced the album.

Lyrically, 10 Neurotics is intense & personal stuff about people I have met, dated or created since my divorce a few years ago. All of the songs are written in the 1st person, giving three-dimensional life to these non-traditional people with endearing fetishes / obsessions. Perhaps they are metaphorical stories of relationship dynamics, yet they are derived from real life experiences. Either way I feel I have created engaging characters that are hard to shy away from. I am reminded of songs such as "Tell me you've taken another" (off As one aflame laid bare by desire) and "All my lovers" (off The Scavenger Bride) in that they deal directly with sexuality, fetishes, passion & emotions. Titles include: "Inch Worm/Light as a Feather," "Marmalade Cat," "Love of the Father," "The Perfect Pervert" & "Sailor Boy."

I am writing a few more songs at the moment; and will be recording vocals next month. I will soon have new music for you to listen to.


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